The Printer


A world divided by algorithms connected by dreams.
Taking place in the near future is a dark and cynical take on love experienced through algorithms.

‘The Printer’ is a dark, satirical Science Fiction short film, that is set in the near future in a city in northern Europe. The film reveals a world where mankind has had to de-industrialize itself to keep its large unemployed population busy, by making them manually run basic machines in our every day lives. As a result people are split, with 20% living seemingly normal lives on one side of the wall and the rest working, unseen on the other side. Our central character works inside a printer in a corporate office and one day breaks the rules and makes the fatal mistake of contacting someone on the other side of the wall.



Dam Short Film Festial 2021




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Emre Mirza


Emre Mirza


Cecil Von Renner, Canan Samadi, Adolfo Assor, Daniel Steiner, Lee White, Daniel Stern, Juliane Schlosser